NZATEAP has a constitution that outlines its purpose and its governance structure.  The constitution outlines various roles in an executive committee.  The executive committee is made up from representatives from each Chapter/Region.  There are four offices held in the executive, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Also outlined in the constitution are two additional roles, Professional Practices Committee Convenor and Accreditation Coordinator.  Below are the roles descriptions for each position, these duties are all addition to those of a chapter representative.

The President will:
  • Chair meetings for the Association
  • Be a spokesperson for the Association
  • Prepare newsletters for the Association (at least three times a year)
  • Maintain membership applications and invitations
  • Represent the aims of the Association to the wider community
  • Liaise with the Executive members
  • Maintain contact with AACUHO, AHAUCHI and ACUHO-I
  • Represent the Association at International Conferences
The Vice-President will:
  • Deputise in the absence of the President
  • Assist the President in all Association matters
The Secretary will:
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Maintain the membership records in consultation with the treasurer and the president
  • Prepare and distribute minutes and agendas of meetings
  • Follow up on any correspondence
  • Distribute newsletters and communications
The Treasurer will in addition to those duties of the chapter representative
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Set a budget and recommend the membership fee for the following calendar year for presentation at the November executive meeting
  • Invoice the membership list early in February
  • Receipt and bank any payments received
  • Prepare the accounts and arrange for auditing of these accounts
  • Prepare accurate financial reports
  • Liaise with the secretary on membership
  • Pay accounts
The Professional Practices Sub-Committee Convenor will:
  • Prepare a report for the Executive Committee (at least three times a year)
  • Convene meetings of the committee (at least once a year)
  • Liaise with the Accreditation Co-ordinator and the chapter representatives in the accreditation process
  • Arrange induction courses as required
  • Ensure that the resource folder on the website is up to date
The Accreditation Co-ordinator will:
  • Prepare a report for the Annual General Meeting, including a financial report and budget
  • Liaise with the Professional Practices Committee Convenor regarding the timetable for accreditation
  • Check with accreditors that the dates are convenient
  • Send accreditation forms and guidelines to Halls two months before accreditation with a request that they be returned at least two weeks before the accreditation visit
  • Notify the treasurer which Halls are being accredited two months before so that invoices can be sent out
  • Send completed self-assessment forms, guidelines and expense reimbursement forms to accreditors
  • Write up report with comments, sign and date forms, and give report to Head of Hall
  • Notify President of NZATEAP where to send the accreditation certificates
  • Send copies of the report to the Secretary and Convenor of the Professional Practices Committee