NZATEAP Accreditation combines self-review with a peer review by experienced colleagues. Participants receive feedback and ideas on all aspects of running a Residence/Hall/College.  Areas covered include; planning and performance, community care and development, staffing and administration, facilities, services and food service (for catered halls and colleges).

Accreditation is current for 3 years after which time a Hall/College needs to be re-accredited.  Accreditation is a key professional development initiative offered by NZATEAP.

Comments from members on Accrediation and Re-accrediation:

"This process was very beneficial, as it provided both positive feedback to staff about areas of work that they were performing well in, and also constructively identified areas that could be improved upon....Overall, the accreditation procedure was a very affirming experience for staff."  - Brett McEwen, Orchard Park.

"I really want to thank the team for what was a truly worthwhile experience, in some ways even better second-time round, possibly a reflection of how the process has evolved and the work of the professional practices sub-committee, as well as the experience of the review team.  I am very pleased with the report and especially like some of the recommendations." Greg Oates, Grafton Hall.

Further information about Accreditation is available from:

Jacob Waitere This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Halls/Colleges that have current accreditation status are as follows: 

Grafton Hall, Auckland - May 2005
Unitec, Auckland - May 2005
Toroa International House, Dunedin - October 2005
Cumberland College, Dunedin - October 2005
Salmond College, Dunedin - October 2005
University College, Dunedin - October 2005
University Hall, Wellington - November 2005
Fergusson Hall, Palmerston North - May 2006
Weir House, Wellington - September 2006
Selwyn College, Dunedin - September 2006
Aquinas College, Dunedin - September 2006
Studholme College, Dunedin - September 2006
Arana College, Dunedin - August 2007
Massey University Halls - September 2007
Victoria House, Wellington - July 2008
International House (now Whitaker Hall), Auckland - December 2008
O'Rorke Hall, Auckland - December 2008
Orchard Park, Waikato -  (May 05'), September 2009
College Hall, Waikato - (May 05'), September 2009
Bryant Hall, Waikato -   (May 05'), September 2009
Student Village, Waikato -  (May 05'), September 2009
Massey Albany Student Accommodation - 2012
Wintec Student Village, Waikato - December 2014
Brackets indicate previous accreditation. Accreditation is effective for three years from date of issue